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How To Keep Your Facebook Stuff Private

Apparently, it is Facebook’s considered opinion that the way to avoid sharing data you don’t want shared is to not enter it

Barry Schnitt, a Facebook spokesman, said users could avoid revealing some information to non-friends by leaving gender and location fields blank.

I guess they’d agree, then, that the best option is to not use Facebook at all.


  1. And apparently it’s Eric Schmidt’s considered opinion that if there’s something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place…

    Sorry, I know that was a totally cheap shot – but the timing was too felicitous to pass up.

    Comment by Robin Wilton — 10 Dec 2009 @ 15:40

  2. … as well as not using Google Search at all

    Comment by anonymous — 10 Dec 2009 @ 19:00

  3. Hear, hear, I’ve never used a social networking site in my life, precisely cuz of inanity like this. 🙂

    Comment by sprewell — 11 Dec 2009 @ 10:05

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