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GSX-R600 and FZ6

I’m trying to make it a feature of every journey that I take a bike ride somewhere. In order to do that, I have to rent, which gives a great opportunity to try out different bikes. So, in Dallas, I rented an FZ6. I didn’t really like it. The handling was OK, but not stellar, it sounded terrible (at least compared to my SV650) and it didn’t really feel like it was nearly 50% more powerful than the SV650.

On the other hand, last weekend I had an ’06 GSX-R600. That bike was awesome. It felt as light as a feather, was instantly responsive, both on the throttle and steering, you could lie it down practically flat and it still felt as solid as when it was vertical, and it sounded good. I think I’m in love. On the other hand, it gave me one hell of a sore arse after a couple of hours of riding.

It may help that there’s some seriously fun riding in California, of course. If you don’t know about Mad Maps it’s time to find out!

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  1. Next you should try out one of the 1000cc sports bikes. All the mags rave about the top-end performance, but aside from that, they also have an advantage over the 600’s that you don’t need to keep the revs high to get the power. A GSX-R1000, R1, ZZR1000 or Fireblade all have torque from the bottom of the rev range. This makes for a very drivable machine in spite of the immense power.

    Comment by Steve Crook — 5 May 2006 @ 19:11

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