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Cod Chowder

Chowder isn’t exactly rocket science, but this went pretty well, so documenting it here…

I actually made this almost entirely from frozen ingredients and it was just fine. Fresh might be better.

Finely chopped leek
Smoked bacon, sliced (I used some lardons I had in the freezer)
Cubed potatoes
Chicken stock (maybe fish stock would be better, I didn’t have any) or water
Milk (about half as much as stock)
King prawns

Fry the leeks and bacon in a little butter/olive oil (I used both) until pretty soft – I didn’t crisp the bacon for a change. I think it is better for chowder not to. Add cubed potatoes and fry for a bit longer, then add chicken stock (or water or fish stock) and bring to the boil. Simmer until the potatoes have softened, then zap half the mixture with a blender (I just did this in situ). Season (I didn’t need salt, there was enough in the bacon). Add milk, fish, prawns and bring back up to a simmer, cook for a few minutes, making sure the fish falls apart. Add cooked sweetcorn and bring back up to temperature. Finally, add some cream.

Quantities should be chosen so that the final result is good and thick.

Serve with warm, crusty bread and butter. Works as a whole meal.

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