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Computing Want Big Brother

Sarah Arnott writes

Computing has argued consistently that a government-centred, crime-focused who-goes-there scheme would be to miss an opportunity so gargantuan as to make the Millennium Dome look like Disney World. That view remains.

The government has a choice. It can spend vast sums on a public sector ID card scheme that promises little beyond a civil liberties row, an extremely nebulous impression of improved security, and a large white elephant joining the troupe at the media circus.

Or it can pursue a broader concept with infinitely broader benefits: a government-endorsed identity management scheme, for use by everyone – citizens, businesses and government.

The anonymity of cyberspace is holding back the internet’s revolutionary potential. Imagine a world with a guaranteed electronic identification. No more passwords to forget, no more phishing, no more grooming in chatrooms. And what about online payment methods, personalised content, computing on demand?

Seems to me she missed a bit

no more privacy, no more whistleblowers. And what about the rise of the police state?

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