Watermark Reverse Engineering

Various currencies have watermarks in them which modern software detects and refuses to process the images. More information can be found here. There is also a talk and some discussion.

This project will attempt to reverse engineer the algorithm the plugins used to detect these watermarks in sufficient detail that it can be reimplemented. Further projects will then use this information to produce a plugin for The Gimp to detect the watermark, to attempt to work out how to mark an arbitrary image, and to produce a plugin that does the marking, if it turns out to be possible to do so. Because we cannot be sure of the scope of that work until the reverse engineering is complete, this project does not include that work.

The budget will be used to:

The budget is 11,000, which is approximately $20,000. The budget includes contingency - excess will be returned. The estimated finish date is the end of November 2004.

Any code produced will be BSD licensed, documentation will use a Creative Commons licence (this point is negotiable).